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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Buzz Vol. 1 Jan. 6, 2016

I'm starting a new weekly blog post for the 2016 year called The Buzz.

My goal with these posts is to simply give you some great resources that I've been reading, listening to, or watching that I think will encourage, inform, or edify you in your path of sanctification. 

I hope to post every Wednesday. This blog will take the place of my Mid Week Book Buzz. Don't worry, I plan to include some of the great deals I see out there on some great books.

So let's get started...

1. FOCUS ON THE FAMILY RADIO BROADCAST: As you already know, I am moving to Colorado Springs to join the Focus on the Family team, but what you probably didn't know is that I listen to the Focus on the Family Radio broadcast almost every week day.  I downloaded the app from the app store and I usually listen to it during my commute to or from work. You can check out the broadcast here. This week they have been highlighting how to manage or erase debt. They have some great resources on how to get started if this is something you are going to tackle this new year. The broadcast highlighted the Queen of Free blog and the book Slaying the Debt Dragon this week.

2. THE BRIEFING: So I am technically a "generation Xer" but I have a lot of "millennial" blood in me so it's not easy to know who to trust when it comes to the news. It seems like every TV station has an agenda and it's not one that I agree with, so I have a hard time trusting what I hear, even from Fox News. So I found someone that I do trust who gives me a 20 minute breakdown of what's going on in the world every morning, Dr. Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler is the voice of The Briefing. His program analyzes all the major news each morning and explains what's going on from a Christian worldview. I highly recommend you start listening!

3. SEVEN REASONS NOT TO PLAY THE LOTTERY: John Piper released an article this week titled Seven Reasons Not to Play the Lottery, and it has caused another very HOT discussion online. I was reading some of the comments left on Facebook yesterday, and I can tell you that it seems like Christians are very divided on this issue. This article is worth a read.

4. WHATS BEST NEXT: What's Best Next is a book I started reading a few months back and absolutely love so far. It's a book on time management. Matt Perman really gives some solid advice on this subject. I will most likely quote this book throughout the year. Here is my quote for this week:

"Simply speeding up doesn't help if you aren't going in the right direction in the first place."

5. THE BOOK BUZZ: I told you I'd still post some book deals.

Standing Strong by John MacArthur $.99
Which Bible Translation Should I Use by Andreas J. Kostenberger $2.99
Essential Theological Terms by Justo L. Gonzalez $3.99
God and the Government by Charles Colson $1.99
Look and Live by Matt Papa $2.99
Joy: Poet, Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated C.S. Lewis by Abigail Santamaria $2.99

Also, many of the Holman NT Commentaries are on sale for $2.99 each, and you can grab some of the Exalting Jesus Commentaries for $2.99 or $3.50 but you will have to scroll through them to find which ones are on sale.

Be Edified.

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