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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Buzz Vol. 2 Jan. 12, 2016

So this is my final week as admissions director of Trinity College. I leave for Colorado Springs on Saturday. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. In fact for the past week, it seems like everyone I know asks, "Are you ready?" I don't know how to answer that question. How do you prepare for something you've never experienced? So, I am just going to rely on God to prepare me for each new day. With all that said, here is the Buzz.

THE BRIEFING: It seems like Al Mohler's The Briefing will be a weekly topic on this blog because I listen to it almost every day. Last Thursday, Dr. Mohler pointed out an article released in the Boston Globe that pointed to a court ruling where "a state judge ruled that an all-girls Catholic school discriminated against a gay man when it rescended a job offer after learning he was in a same-sex marriage." The point is that this judge decided that this Catholic school did not have the right to mandate this employee adhere to Catholic doctrine to be employed. Al Mohler says, "The state court judge here clearly ruled that erotic liberty, or sexual liberty, trumps religious liberty when it comes to this Catholic school in Milton, Massachusetts."

Another huge case in California should be on the radar. Two former women's basketball players for Pepperdine University have claimed they are victims of sexual discrimination by their coaches, when coaches found out they were in a lesbian relationship and made efforts to "force" them to quit the team. The plantiffs made their claim under Title IX which prohibits colleges and universities who receive federal funding, from discriminating on the basis of sex or gender. The point is that the judge in this case has ruled that sexual-orientation discrimination is the same as sex discrimination.

For more on these stories, go here.

WHATS BEST NEXT: This week I was reading in What's Best Next again, and Matt Perman really keyed in on the answer to why we are so often unfulfilled at the end of the day. I certainly have come home from work and felt extremely unfulfilled. In those times, you can't help to get down on yourself. Matt says, "You are satisfied with your day when there is a match between what you value and how you spent your time." I find this to be sooo true in my life. When I spend my time doing what I believe is valuable in life, I come home from work fulfilled.

For more on What's Best Next, go here to download the book.

ON BEING MATT CHANDLER'S ROOMATE: The Gospel Coalition has an article that I read a few weeks back, but I saw it on their front page this week. It was titled, On Being Matt Chandler's Roomate. Steve Bezner talks about his struggle with jealousy while he was in Bible College with Matt Chandler. Check it out here.

EVANGELICALS FOR LIFE: The Evangelicals For Life Conference is right around the corner. Christians from all over the country will be meeting in Washington D.C. to join Jim Daly, David Platt, Russell Moore and others to rally Christians in support of the value and sanctity of life. For more information, click here.

4 PRINCIPLES FOR PARENTING IN A WORLD OF VIDEO GAMES: So this morning this article was in my FB feed. It got my attention because I have to sons who love the Wii and the Ipad. There is some great BALANCED advice in this article that does not tell it's readers to go throw away all their electronic devices or equate them to Satan. It's worth a read.

WINTER JAM 2016: If you haven't planned to attend Winter Jam this Saturday in Tampa, and you don't have plans, GO! My good friend KB will be performing and it is going to be amazing. He is extremely talented and loves Jesus with all his heart. Did I mention he is also a graduate of Trinity College? You won't be disappointed.


1. God's Love Compels Us by D.A. Carson $2.99
2. Here is Our God by Kathleen Nielson $2.99
3. The Scriptures Testify About Me by D.A. Carson $2.99
4. His Mission: Jesus in the Gospel of Luke by D.A. Carson $2.99
5. When Sinner's Say I Do by Dave Harvey $1.99
6. The Most Misused Verses in the Bible by Eric Bargerhuff $1.99
7. Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement featuring the writings of Carl R. Trueman $.99
8. Navigating Trials in the New America featuring the writings of John Piper FREE

So have you ever visited the BOOK section of the Desiring God website? Most of the books are there for FREE. So if you haven't read John Piper yet, you have most of his books at your fingertips. Click here to scroll through the many titles John Piper has to offer.

So I found another treasure of books today. J.I. Packer's rare Puritan library is now online and available for FREE. This is a treasure chest of rare books that you will want to read and reference.

Be Edified.

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