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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Buzz Vol. 3 1/19/16 The Road Trip and why Marco Rubio gained somemajor points with me

Today I start my new job in Colorado Springs with Focus on the Family. "Excited" is too small of a word to describe how I feel today. Please continue to pray for me. Please specifically pray that my house sells in Florida.

Well, I arrived in Colorado yesterday after my 3 day road trip. It was actually a very smooth trip. I went about 730 miles the first day, 750 the second and around 370 the third day. There were two things that made the drive easy. 

First was my audiobook Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. This book has 33 chapters and I only got through 7. It's very interesting and informative. The first 7 chapters gave me a glimpse of what it was to be German before and after WW1. It also gave the theological landscape of Germany during that time. I'm hooked!

Second, was the radio/podcast Serial. I listened to the entire 1st season. It is extremely well done. It will have you sitting on the edge of your seat through all 12 episodes. Serial Season 1 is a dramatic radio broadcast of a murder mystery set in 1999 in Maryland were a teenage girl is killed and her ex boyfriend is charged with the crime. The series walks you step by step through the entire case. It's ten times better than any Law and Order show. 

One highlight from the trip was driving through Monroe, Louisiana where I stopped to see the famous Duck Commander headquarters.

I also drove through a section of New Mexico, a state I never thought I'd ever visit.

I made it to Focus around noon, mountain time, which is really throwing me off btw...(I was wide awake at 5:30 am...ahhhhhh)

So normally I would include links to these resources I've been writing about, but since I'm writing this post from my iPhone you will have to simply google them this week. Please excuse any grammar errors 😉

Here are a couple of other things that have been buzzing around in my head:

The Briefing and The Gospel Coalition reported last week on the Anglican Communion. The big news was that they sanctioned the Episcopal Church of America for their ordination of gay and lesbian bishops, and support of gay and lesbian marriage. 

Focus on the Family's radio broadcast yesterday was moving. They simply played recorded calls from people with stories about getting and/ or not getting an abortion, and adopting a child. I will never forget one story about a married woman sitting in Planned Parenthood ready to get an abortion and how God, through very specific circumstances, gets her to leave. You gotta listen to this one!

Wayne Grudem is one of my theological heros. He has written a litany of books, but he is most famous for his Systematic Theology, which is used in many evangelical Bible colleges and seminaries in the US. Last month John Piper posted an article explaining that he has Parkinson's disease so please please pray for him and his family. But last week I found out through Twitter, specifically from some tweets between Justin Taylor and Ruth Graham that led me to Ruth Graham's article greatly criticizing Wayne Grudem because he holds the biblical view of complimentarianism, that Marco Rubio has appointed Wayne Grudem to his 15 member religious liberty advisory board. This is huge! Marco Rubio just gained some major points with me. Wayne Grudem had an enormous book on politics. If you google it, it will come up.

That's it for today. The Book Buzz will be back in these posts next week.

Be Edified.

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