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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Bettelli Buzz Vol. 6 Feb. 10, 2016...working and playing in Florida

So this past week I flew back to Florida to work. I'm in the midst of training, so I flew into Tampa for one night, and then we were off to Orlando. I worked during the day and got to hang out with the fam at night.

It was so great to finally me home.

At the hotel, I got to do a little homeschool with Ethan. 

I finished my last appointment Friday afternoon and so the Bettelli's were off to Disney World.

We arrived just in time for the afternoon parade. I can't even count the number of time we've been to Disney World, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon with no expectations or "have to" rides to get to. 

Ethan got to go on "Its A Small World." 

Lexi got to go on the Carousel.

Mommy got ice cream ( sorry, no pic), and George got to...well, let's just say he's beginning to get too old for some of these rides, but we all had a great time together.

After Disney we met my parents for dinner at Bonefish Grill to celebrate Louise's Birthday. I love me some bang bang shrimp!

The next day was George's first flag football game of the season, and boy did his team dominate! 

George has some great runs and he even scored a touchdown. So proud!
And while George played, his brother and sister cheered him on...

After the game we got to have lunch with Uncle Derek and Aunt Gina. Then back home for some much needed fff. (That's code for: forced family fun).

So dad played "dollhouse."

Dad played Clue and Spot It.

Later that night we had dinner with Uncle Peter, Aunt Whitney and little Brooklyn. 

Sunday, we all enjoyed worshipping with our friends.

Then lunch with Papou and Nona. We ended the weekend with an incredible Super Bowl! Go Broncos!

Needless to say I'm going to miss my family, but it was a great homecoming. God is good.

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