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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Bettelli Buzz Vol. 8 Feb. 23, 2016: My Better half

Another week goes by in Colorado Springs...however this past week my wife, Louise, came to visit me. I can't tell you how excited I was last week waiting for Thursday to come, when I knew I'd be driving up to Denver International Airport to pick her up. She planned to stay the weekend with me.

I actually drove up to DIA a little early because I was so excited. God was certainly going before me, because before I left for the airport, a good friend advised me to take an alternate route. Later another friend called me and asked if I had made it to the airport. I responded that I was fine and made it early. They then began to explain that they saw on the news that because of the turbulent winds, the IKEA sign had fallen on the interstate blocking traffic both North and South.

It's amazing to me how God goes before us, even in the little things. This wasn't anything huge, but it was important to me, and I am thankful that God gives grace to us even when we don't really need it.

Louise finally got to take a tour of Focus on the Family. I made sure she got the VIP tour, complete with a walk through Adventures in Odyssey. In the picture below, Louise is in the AO studio about to record a new episode. :) (she didn't know I took this picture)

We spent the weekend enjoying some fun dinners with friends and family. On Saturday night, we got to have dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Darlene on Louise' side. Louise hadn't seen them in over 10 years.

Let me take a minute and just talk about how special my wife is to me. What she is doing as a wife and a mother is amazing. She takes care of my children every day. She maintains our house and keeps it in order without my help. She encourages me every night on the phone and makes me feel loved from 1800 miles away. You can think you know what love is, but I can tell you that you don't till you see it displayed in real life. Love =sacrifice, and my wife defines this with her life every day, so that I can have the job of my dreams.


Not only does she show me love through her sacrifice, but she takes an interest in every little part of my day. Now, normally this really annoys me. I have asked myself in the past, "why is my wife so nosy." "Why does she want me to tell her every little part of my day?" "Does she not trust me or something?" After 10 years of marriage, and a month of living in Colorado on my own without her, I have realized that its none of that. She wants to know about my life because she is genuinely interested in me. She gets it! Guys, if you are honest with yourself, you realize at some point that what you do, is a big part of who you are. Your wife is interested in what you do, because she is interested in YOU, dummy!

When she left to go back to Florida on Sunday, I really began to miss her. When you are in the stage of life that we are in, you begin to take for granted the love you have for each other. You don't do this on purpose, it just happens because your day is filled with dirty diapers, wiping butts, and feeding little mouths. You are in "survivor" mode. I don't like to say, as some might say, that our marriage was suffering because it wasn't and it isn't because our marriage doesn't exist in the third person, our marriage is a's not based on feelings, it's based on promise.

But, I missed her because she is apart of me. She is my better half. The Bible says that when a man and a woman enter into a marriage covenant, "the two become one flesh." (Mark 10:8) This is why every night I can't stop thinking about her, and why I can't wait to see her. This is why when people ask me about being apart, emotions begin to stir. Now, I'm not saying she completes me, but I am saying that Christ, in his sovereign plan, chose to make her a very real part of me.

Louise, I love you so much. I already miss you. I can't wait to see in one week and three days.

Proverbs 18:22, "He who find a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord."

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