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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Bettelli Buzz: Vol. 10 My first trip to Oklahoma

So have you ever heard the phrase, "work hard, play hard?" Those seem to be the best words to describe my week.

Last week I took my first semi-solo trip to Oklahoma. I got to visit so many great people who love Jesus and loved Focus on the Family. I say it was a semi-solo trip because two of the days, my friend John Bethany, who is the Vice President of Global Outreach, flew in to Oklahoma on Tuesday to go on some of my visits and one very important appointment to Hobby Lobby.

One of the families I met, love to hunt. They decided to show me their freezer with all of their deer meat. Welcome to Oklahoma!

Before I left Oklahoma, I visited a very trendy coffee shop called Cuppies & Joe. One of the best cups of coffee ever! 

In Oklahoma, I also got to see my good friend Michael Beiler. Michael is working on his master's degree at OU. We had a great dinner and got to hang out for a bit. 

After Oklahoma I flew back to Tampa Bay to be with my family for the weekend.

Homecomings are the best! When I'm home, I enjoy the little things so much more. In the above picture, I got to take my boys to school. Then I got to take my wife and my little princess out to lunch at PDQ.

Almost every year we have been making it a family tradition to go to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL. This year all of my wife's family joined us. We had a blast eating strawberry shortcake, enjoying the carnival rides, and downing every piece of fried food we could find. 

One of the cool perks of the Strawberry Festival is that they always have great concerts going on throughout the day. My oldest son, George, was so excited because he got to see Lecrae for the first time!

My five year old son was so excited because I bought him some ice cream...however I don't have a picture of his ice I am with my strawberry shortcake though.

Lecrae was AWESOME! Yep, we sat in the back (the FREE seats). 

On Sunday, we went to BLDG28 Church to worship. This is the church where I used to be on staff. God has blessed this church so much. This past Sunday B28 celebrated it's 5 Year Anniversary! It started with a group of around 30 and is almost 400 after 5 years. Soli Deo Gloria! I am amazed at what God is doing in Clearwater, FL. 

We decided that we wanted to spend some last minute family time together before I had to fly back out to Colorado, so we hit the beach. It was a little windy, so Louise had to bundle up.

Later that day, my wife and kids drove me to the airport to say goodbye. It was great to be home. I can't wait to see them again soon. 

The very next day I met some friends from Clearwater up in the mountains for a little skiing and snowboarding! 

I had a great time with the Lathrop family! Let me just tell you...these guys are PROS! They were Black Diamond Beasts! They made it look so easy! I, on the other hand, had quite a yard sale. 

All in all, it was a very productive and fun week! If you asked me, "how is your life?" My answer would be, "better than I deserve." 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (ESV)

Book Buzz:

The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink $.99
The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards $2.99
Spiritual Mindedness by John Owen $.99
Answering Your Kid's Toughest Questions by Elyse Fitzpatrick $1.99
Understanding the Bible by John Stott $2.99
God's Unfailing Purpose by Michael Barrett $.99
Systematic Theology by Louis Berkoff $1.99

Think Biblically by John MacArthur $2.99
The Upper Room by John MacArthur $3.99
Fools Gold by John MacArthur $2.99 
Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur $2.99

Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement by Carl Trueman and others $.99 
Perspectives on Israel and the Church by Robert Saucy and others $.99   
Perspectives on Your Child's Education by Timothy Jones and others $.99
Be Edified!

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